Online Airline Interview Preparation Course

Online Airline Interview Preparation – Our Highly Successful Course Now Available Via Distance Learning

At Learn To Fly we are committed to innovating our aviation training model so that student pilots and airline pilot hopefuls can continue to learn. We recently introduced online distance learning for our RPL and PPL theory courses, and we are now excited to launch an online Airline Interview Preparation course together with ACS – Aviation Consulting Services.

ACS – Aviation Consulting Services has been developing and consistently providing quality pilot candidates for a range of operators and airlines globally for over 5 years. The Airline Interview Preparation course itself has helped candidates to achieve success in their applications to more than 10 major airlines worldwide, at both cadet and direct entry levels.

Next Online Airline Interview Preparation Course

Date: May 2nd & May 3rd 2020 (2 Day Course)
Time: To Be Confirmed
Cost: AUD$880

To book your place or register your interest please email

Airline cadet pilots with Captain Darren McPherson

Are Airlines Still Recruiting Pilots?

During recent months we have seen unprecedented impacts on the aviation and airline industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Global airline traffic is nearly at a standstill, but that doesn’t mean that airlines aren’t thinking about their future recruitment.

Some major airlines are still actively recruiting cadet pilots. It is highly likely that the current hibernation period will make the applicant talent pool even more competitive once recruitment resumes for any airlines that are not currently recruiting. Those who use this down time to prepare will be far better placed than those who don’t.

Preparation will always be the single most important factor in giving yourself the best chance of success in airline interview processes. Our online Airline Interview Preparation course gives you access to this crucial preparation knowledge from wherever you are in the world.

How Does the Online Airline Interview Preparation Course Work?

Thanks to advances in technology and software, we are now able to create a truly interactive online classroom environment. Your location no longer prevents you from participating in courses that before you could only attend in person.

Our Online Airline Interview Preparation Course has been developed using the syllabus from our standard Airline Interview Preparation course. The content has been refined to suit delivery using Zoom online meeting software.

The course contains 5 modules, each of which will run for approximately 90 minutes. We will present each module live in an interactive online classroom across 2 days. The presenter for each session is airline interview specialist and international airline Captain Darren McPherson from ACS – Aviation Consulting Services.

Darren is also available to provide further feedback and interaction with all participants following the course.

Online Airline Interview Preparation – Course Outline

The following modules make up the online Airline Interview Preparation course:

Module 1 – The Interview Process

The interview process varies in both format and content for different airlines and operators. This module assists in providing a practical insight into the processes for a range of airlines. Participants also develop a study pathway to assist in structured and ongoing preparation further down the track.

We tailor this module to target the interview process for the specific airlines that course participants will be applying to.

Module 2 – The HR Interview

The HR interview is an important step for most airlines and operators. This also forms a crucial part of the online Airline Interview Preparation course. In this module we examine the human factors that can impact you during this part of the interview process.

We explore the content of the HR interview, and look at interview scenarios and styles for a range of different airlines. This allows you to develop your response methods in order to create the best outcome.

In developing methods for response, we conduct practical planning activities. These teach you how to best respond to airline HR questions using your own strengths and your past work and study experiences. The aim of this module is to help each participant to unlock the ways in which they can showcase their best and most relevant qualities.

Module 3 – Typical Review Questions

Whilst airlines differ in their approach and interview process, there are a number of key themes and areas that are common to all operators. Whilst some of the knowledge areas may seem obvious, the best way to answer these common questions themselves may not be.

In this module we look at those common themes and questions with consideration to the content covered in modules 1 and 2. We will work through each activity in a practical group style format. This way, participants are able to explore their own responses and also develop them further by learning from each other.

Module 4 – Group Skills & Exercises

Since airlines place a large emphasis on your ability to work in a team environment, group skills and exercises are an important component of the application process for many.

In this module we discuss the human factors involved in group dynamics, and look at teamwork. We also work through a number of practical team exercises, similar to those you will experience during the interview process.

Finally, we analyse the results of the group exercises and conduct an open discussion on how personality factors contribute to the overall outcome.

Module 5 – Technical Knowledge

Even for cadet entry positions, airlines expect that applicants have a level of technical aviation knowledge. During this module in the online Airline Interview Preparation course, we review crucial technical knowledge subject areas.

We take into consideration the differences in what level of knowledge different airlines tend to expect. We also discuss the expected knowledge levels relevant to each individual’s own previous flying and aviation theory experience.

The discussion in this module provides each applicant with an insight into their current knowledge. It also then allows them to plan for further preparation and study if required.

Advanced Training & Further Online Airline Interview Preparation Modules

The Online Airline Interview Preparation course is a standalone 2 day program. However, Learn To Fly and ACS – Aviation Consulting Services have developed a range of individual online modules that can be accessed for more advanced training. For further information or to register your interest in these modules, please contact us.

Airline Pilot
Be prepared for success in your airline interviews.

We are pleased to offer our students interest-free payment terms over four (4) months on a range of our pilot training courses. This makes it even easier for you to budget and learn to fly. Contact us to find out more!

Flight Training During the COVID19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Flight Training During the COVID19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us, and we are taking it very seriously at Learn To Fly. We want to do as much as we can to help you to continue with your flight training during the COVID19 pandemic. Your flight training is important, and we are open for business.

The Federal Government has confirmed that as at April 3rd, there are no specific restrictions on flying schools.

In response to the current situation, we are introducing a range of measures and initiatives to both ensure the safety of our visitors, students and staff. This is also to ensure that our students will continue to progress as much as possible.

We’ll get through this by working together! #TheSkyIsCalling.

Online Flight Theory Classes

We’ve now incorporated all of our theory classes into online distance learning via Zoom meeting software, so that our students can move forward with their flight training during the COVID19 pandemic.

This reduces the number of students that need to physically attend Learn To Fly. It also opens up avenues for new students to learn at their own pace, wherever they are.

Flight theory classes are conducted by an experienced Flight Instructor. Students have the option of attending interactive group classes, or watching the class when it is convenient for them. Instructors are available to assist with any questions.

All flight theory distance learning class videos are available for students to watch again at any time.

Instructor Will presenting our LTF online flight theory courses

FREE Online Flight Theory Course Offer

We want to encourage as many student pilots as possible to keep up their flight training during the COVID19 pandemic.

For a limited time, when you purchase our online RPL or PPL theory courses, we’ll give you the value of the course back as a flight credit. You can use this whenever you are able to complete your practical flight training at a later date. That’s $998 of value, for free.

Terms and conditions apply – please email for more information and to register your interest.

Increased Safety Measures

In order to keep Learn To Fly’s visitors, students and staff as safe as possible, we are practising strict sanitisation procedures. These include:

  • All aircraft cockpit surfaces cleaned with disposable antibacterial wipes as part of pre-flight check procedure for all flights
  • Approved face masks available for all students and instructors to use while flying or attending LTF
  • Hand sanitiser located at reception used before and after any flights, and before and after using any LTF facilities (including the kitchen and bathroom)
  • Common surfaces including door handles and reception sanitised at least twice daily
  • All staff, students and instructors advised to clean their desks and equipment including computers with anti-bacterial handwipes
  • Extra emphasis on personal hygiene guidelines
Additional requirements have been added to pre-flight checking procedures to sanitise the aircraft and ensure pilot safety.

Flight Training Enquiries

Unfortunately we are no longer able to conduct face-to-face meetings for those enquiring about flight training during the COVID19 situation. This will continue until the situation improves.

We ask that your initial flight training enquiries are directed to us by email to We are still available to schedule an appointment over the phone, where an experienced member of our team will be able to discuss the best pathway to achieve your aviation goals.

Visitors to Learn To Fly

If you are thinking about visiting Learn To Fly to discuss flight training, we ask that you instead send us an email, and we will arrange a telephone appointment.

We are still conducting pre-booked Trial Introductory Flights, with strict sanitisation procedures in line with the advice from health authorities and the government. If you are attending Learn To Fly for a Trial Introductory Flight, we ask that you come either on your own or with only one other person. We are enforcing both the social distancing protocols (1 person per 4 square metres indoors) and the maximum of 2 people per group.

We ask that you help us with this.

All visitors to Learn To Fly will first have their temperature taken using a forehead reading device. If you return a reading of 37.5deg Celsius or above, then based on health authority advice, you will be asked to go home.

In addition to this, we will ask that you complete the following checklist:

  1. Do you have any flu symptoms such as headaches, running nose, sore throat, cough or fever?
  2. Have you travelled overseas in the past two weeks?
  3. Has anyone in your home travelled overseas in the past two weeks?
  4. Have you had close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

All of us here at Learn To Fly look forward to everything going back to normal. If you have any questions about our flight training options, or our safety procedures, please contact us.

We’re committed to ensuring our students progress in their training as safely as possible.

We are pleased to offer our students interest-free payment terms over four (4) months on all of our pilot training courses. This makes it even easier for you to budget and learn to fly. Contact us to find out more!

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